Responding to the Needs for Superheroes

Responding to Superheroes

DUE Dates:

Tuesday, Nov. 22, WEdnesday, Nov. 23
Sunday, Nov. 27
Friday, Dec. 2

Assignment Sheet: Responding to Grant Morrison’s Opening Argument About Superheroes

As a superhero, there are many problems you encounter, one of them is the questioning of whether or not you are actually a benefit to society or a burden/danger. Your job for Assignment 4 is come up with an argument and make your case.

Your Purpose: Write a 2-3 page, well-researched essay responding to a reading provided to you. This will incorporate Ch. 4, 5, & 6 from the They Say, I Say textbook. You will read the reading critically and take notes. You will identify:

  1. The author’s main ideas
  2. The author’s main points

You will take this information and summarize, paraphrase, and quote the main ideas of the author. You will then respond, either agreeing or disagreeing, with the author. You will then support your position (either in support or in opposition) by offering evidence and material to back up your response.

Required: An introduction with thesis statement (1 paragraph). Summarization of the reading including main idea and points (1-3 paragraphs). Response to the reading using source information and evidence (1-3 paragraphs). Conclusion (1 paragraph).

You will be using readings from Norton’s Field Guide to Writing 4th Ed. as a touchstone along the way during this process.


Develop a Thesis:

For purposes of this essay we will be venturing into our first working of a more formal thesis statement. The primary purpose of any thesis is to present with a position you will be arguing for, in this case, superheroes. The thesis statement is located at the END (that is the final sentence) of your INTRODUCTION paragraph.

Two things we need to indicate clearly in our THESIS STATEMENT for this essay:

  1. What are you arguing? Are you for or against the reading?
  2. What reasons will you use to support your argument?

All of this should be done in ONE sentence.

Outlining Your Paper:

I. Introduction

A. Crafted Thesis Statement making it clear the purpose of the paper. See “Developing a Thesis Statement” above

II. Summary of Reading

A. Cite the author and title of work.

B. Lay out main ideas and points

C. Objectively recount what author is saying and their points.

III. Response to Reading

A. Restate your agreement/disagreement from thesis

B. State your opinion

C. Provide evidence to support your opinion

IV. Conclusion

Key Elements:

Clear, Arguable Thesis Statement: In this case, you are and will be arguing in response to the reading, clearly agreeing or disagreeing with the reading.

Summary of Reading: You need to cite the author and title of work. You should lay out main ideas and points of the author. Objectively recount what author is saying and their points.

Response to Reading: Restate your agreement/disagreement from thesis first. Cleary state your opinion and then provide evidence to support your opinion

Proofing and Editing

As we move along we will work on checking and addressing our proper MLA formatting and correctness.

We will layer this process. It will begin with you and move through Peer Reviews and Rough Drafts to the Final Draft.

Peer Review

Once we have put our drafts together, you will start and make sure these are finished by the time we reach our In-Class Drafting day.

Following our In-Class Drafting Day we will have a Peer Review. You will exchange TWO printed copies with other classmates. You will read each other’s papers providing each other with constructive feedback aimed at improving your paper. When this is done you will use this feedback to revise your paper before submitting it in Rough Draft Form to your instructor.


Like with Proofing and Editing, we will continue to refine and ex-examine our assignment, making sure we address and are taking care of our requirements of the assignment as well as any key features we have for each genre.

Reading: Essay 4 Readings-Introduction to Supergods

TEMPLATE: Essay 4 Template

PowerPoint: Essay 4- Response Essay

OUTLINE: Essay 4 Outline