3. Super-Reporting Information

Reporting on a Superhero or Supervillain

DUE Dates:

Peer Review:

Wednesday, Nov. 2 

Thursday, Nov. 3

Rough Draft:

Friday, Nov. 4 via Moodle

Final Draft:

Friday, Nov. 11 via Moodle


Assignment Sheet: Reporting on a Superhero (or Super Villain)

I want you to find out about a superhero. For Assignment 3, your task is to gather information and resources about this superhero you are unfamiliar with and report on them.

Alternate plan: You may choose to do an Informative Report on a potential Super-Villain or nemesis out there. Same standards apply, you will work up an informative, researched report describing and telling us about who this person, in this case a villain, is.

Required: An introduction with thesis statement. A paragraph dedicated to defining (1 paragraph),


Develop a Thesis:

For purposes of this essay we will be venturing into our first working of a more formal thesis statement. The primary purpose of any thesis is to present the reader with a clear understanding of the purpose and (often as well) significance of the essay they are about to read. The thesis statement is located at the END (that is the final sentence) of your INTRODUCTION paragraph.

Two things we need to indicate clearly in our THESIS STATEMENT for this essay:

  1. Who are you going to tell us about (superhero or supervillain)
  2. What is it your audience will hopefully learn from a closer examination

All of this should be done in ONE sentence.

Outlining Your Paper:

I. Introduction

A.Crafted Thesis Statement making it clear the purpose of the paper. See “Developing          a Thesis Statement” above

II. Definition Paragraph

A. Define what a superhero or supervillain is (what makes one) by finding a                formal definition and writing up a paragraph around it.

B. This write up should involve you introducing and practicing “framing” the   quotation with explanation and elaboration.

III. Tell Us About Your Superhero/Supervillain

A.Who is the superhero/villain? Summarize, tell us about them.

B. What are their powers, what do they do?

C. What do they stand for? What do they fight against?

*All of this should include research from sources to back up and expand your information.

IV. Look at the Superhero/Supervillain from the Opposing Point of View

A. How does a Supervillain/hero see this person?

B. How does the opposition see this character?

*Again, bring in research to help illustrate your point

V. Conclusion

Key Elements:

Specific Topic: You will be charged with picking ONE superhero (or supervillain) who you are NOT familiar with. You should pick them and prepare a information report about them.

Clear Definitions: To help frame the issue you are making in your presentation of information, you will want to provide for us a clear definition of a superhero (or supervillain).

Well-Researched Topic: Another aspect of this essay will be the need for good, accurate, and well-integrated research to help support the information you are presenting to us.

Proofing and Editing

As we move along we will work on checking and addressing our proper MLA formatting and correctness.

We will layer this process. It will begin with you and move through Peer Reviews and Rough Drafts to the Final Draft.

Peer Review

Once we have put our drafts together, you will start and make sure these are finished by the time we reach our In-Class Drafting day.

Following our In-Class Drafting Day we will have a Peer Review. You will exchange TWO printed copies with other classmates. You will read each other’s papers providing each other with constructive feedback aimed at improving your paper. When this is done you will use this feedback to revise your paper before submitting it in Rough Draft Form to your instructor.


Like with Proofing and Editing, we will continue to refine and ex-examine our assignment, making sure we address and are taking care of our requirements of the assignment as well as any key features we have for each genre.

PowerPoint: essay-3

TEMPLATE: Essay 3 Template

Submission Checklist: Essay 3 Checklist

Reading Material: mccloud_understanding_comics

Proofing Example: Essay 3 Example