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How to Guide for this Essay

Assignment Sheet: Analyzing a Comic Book

For Assignment 2 you are tasked with writing a rhetorical analysis of a comic book of your choosing.

You will select a comic book and conduct some background research on them (between 1-3 sources) and making use of these sources you will write up a summary of the superhero, along with an analysis of the heroes purpose, audience, and message.

Required: An introduction with thesis statement. A summary of the comic book (2-3 paragraphs), along with an analysis of the comic book (2-3 paragraphs), as well as an overall evaluation of the comic book (1 paragraph). Finally, a conclusion.


Summarizing and Analyzing

 There are two major components to an analysis paper: Summary and Analysis.

Each part should be balanced in regard to the other, so 3 paragraphs for one; you want 3 paragraphs of the other.

Summary: This should be a presentation of information about the comic book. Tell us about what is going on in it. Basically you are aiming to give us the who, what, when, and where of the story of the comic book itself. You should and will want to quote and cite from source material as you do this.

Analysis: This is where you dig deeper and aim to present your audience with more nuanced perspective on the comic book. Dig into the purpose, the why and how of what is going on just beneath the surface. You can analyze the purpose, audience they appeal to (think of this from the stand point of either a regular reader), and the message found within the story, is there one, is it valuable?

Develop a Thesis:

For purposes of this essay we will be venturing into our first working of a more formal thesis statement. The primary purpose of any thesis is to present the reader with a clear understanding of the purpose and (often as well) significance of the essay they are about to read. The thesis statement is located at the END (that is the final sentence) of your INTRODUCTION paragraph.

Two things we need to indicate clearly in our THESIS STATEMENT for this essay:

  1. That we are “analyzing” something needs to be made very clear
  2. What it is and why we are analyzing something should also be clearly spelled out.

All of this should be done in ONE sentence.

Outlining Your Paper:

Taking from the “Required” section above, your essay will look something like this:

(with Thesis Statement at the end)


(3 paragraphs)


(3 paragraphs)


(1 paragraph)


Key Elements:

Concise Summary: “Your readers may not know the text you are analyzing, so you need to include it or tell them about it before you can analyze it” (110). In 2-3 paragraphs, you need to inform us about your comic book. You should include a quotation or two in this.

Analysis: Make sure you do well to address the particular issues of significance and go deeper into the character by getting at the purpose of this comic book. Who is the audience? What is the message it is or is not trying to convey? You should include a quotation for each part of your analysis.

Evaluation: This is a judgment. Once you have summarized and analyzed the character, using some kind of criteria like “Is this a good comic book?” or “Is it relevant?” or something of that nature to pass some form of judgment on the character by answering and giving a reason why to that question you pose.

Proofing and Editing

As we move along we will work on checking and addressing our proper MLA formatting and correctness.

We will layer this process. It will begin with you and move through Peer Reviews and Rough Drafts to the Final Draft.

Peer Review

Once we have put our drafts together, you will start and make sure these are finished by the time we reach our In-Class Drafting day.

Specific Essay 2 Peer Review Material and Guidance linked here.

Following our In-Class Drafting Day we will have a Peer Review. You will exchange TWO printed copies with other classmates. You will read each other’s papers providing each other with constructive feedback aimed at improving your paper. When this is done you will use this feedback to revise your paper before submitting it in Rough Draft Form to your instructor.

Writing Center

Writing Center Online visit will be a part of this project/essay and apply for all other essays going forward. Remember there is a process for doing this and you will have a ONE Week time frame to accomplish it – Introduction reminder found at image below.


Like with Proofing and Editing, we will continue to refine and ex-examine our assignment, making sure we address and are taking care of our requirements of the assignment as well as any key features we have for each genre.

PowerPoint: Essay 2

TEMPLATE: Essay 2 Template

EXAMPLE:  Essay 2 Example

Submission Checklist: Essay 2 Checklist

Comic Book Selections (Pick 1):

Watchmen, Ch. 1

Amazing Fantasy #15

Batgirl #35

Batman-White Knight #1

Black Panther #1

Deadpool-Killustrated #1

Faith #1

Legend of Wonder Woman #1`

Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Sandman #19

Paper Girls #1