Appendix D: Expectations and Additional Policies

  1. The use of electronic learning tools such as iPads, laptops, or Smartphones are encouraged, but to be used at the discretion of your instructor and/or as long as the devices are being used to support your learning. Texting, Tweeting, or Facebooking will not be tolerated unless it is under the guided facilitation of the instructor.
  2. Please keep cell phones turned off or place on vibrate mode. An instructor may reserve the right to confiscate a cellphone until the end of class in the event of abuse or distraction. Repeat infractions of this policy will be submitted for disciplinary review in Student Affairs.
  3. Late work will not be accepted without a pre-arrangement with the instructor
  4. Please dress appropriately for classes according to the dress code guidelines provided in the Claflin University Student Handbook 2014-2015, pp. 51-52.