Reading Journals

These are due to me on Wednesday, and I know many of you forgot to work on them, so here is the link to ALL EIGHT of the potential entries. You need to go in and pick THREE to submit to me on Wednesday.

Essay 3 – Peer Review


  1. A clear thesis with a clear position either agreeing, disagreeing, or both.

  2. Clear sub-headings

  3. 2-3 paragraph summary of the original text by Grant Morrison

  4. 1-2 properly introduced, integrated, cited, and explained quotations in the Summary

  5. Response section beginning with personal restatement of your thesis

  6. Lead in with personal reasoning for position

  7. Examination and explanation of the reasoning using original text and at least 2 external sources (cited and explained)

  8. A conclusion

  9. A clear works cited page.

Guidelines for Writing Your Summary

Step 1: Read and make notes about the article reading.

Step 2: Use those notes to write up a summary of the reading.

Step 3: Integrate 1-2 quotations and cite them in your summary.

-Summaries should be 2-3 paragraphs in length.

-If you write 2 paragraphs, you need 1 quotations, if you write 3 paragraphs, provide me with 2 quotations.

These are due on Wednesday in class.

Article: essay-4-readings-introduction-to-supergods