Final Grades and Submission

I have updated ALL grades on Moodle. Anything not having a grade will be marked as a “0” on Monday afternoon (5:00 PM) unless it is emailed to me.

I will input final grades to MyClaflin on Monday evening.

Dr. Evans


Essay 4 Peer Review


  1. A clear thesis with a clear position either agreeing, disagreeing, or both.

  2. Clear sub-headings

  3. 2-3 paragraph summary of the original text by Grant Morrison

  4. 1-2 properly introduced, integrated, cited, and explained quotations in the Summary

  5. Response section beginning with personal restatement of your thesis

  6. Lead in with personal reasoning for position

  7. Examination and explanation of the reasoning using original text and at least 2 external sources (cited and explained)

  8. A conclusion

  9. A clear works cited page.

Out Sick

I will be out tomorrow with a horrendous sinus infection.

On Wednesday, we will have our Essay 4 Peer Reviews. Look for further details to be posted tomorrow or Tuesday.

Please email me if you have any questions or issues.

Dr. Evans