Reading Summary 7

For your reading and response this week I am having you look at an excerpt from March: Book 1 by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell, a story originally published in 2013 but is set in 1959-60 during the early stages of the Civil Rights movement and lunch counter sit-ins.

You will read March: Book 1 and write (neatly) or type a 1 paragraph summary. Your response should attempt to answer the questions: 

  • For this entire reading and response I want you to reflect upon and answer the questions: what did this kind of approach to protesting really achieve, both long term and short term? Do you find yourself agreeing with their attitude and approach? Why? Feel free to highlight or examine more closely any particular elements or points in the story that you find powerful or connective.

Digital Copy Here: R&R 8-March, Book 1 Excerpt

Essay 4 Peer Review

  1. A clear thesis with a clear position either agreeing, disagreeing, or both.
  2. Clear sub-headings
  3. 2-3 paragraph summary of the original text by Grant Morrison
  4. 1-2 properly introduced, integrated, cited, and explained quotations in the Summary
  5. Response section beginning with personal restatement of your thesis
  6. Lead in with personal reasoning for position
  7. Examination and explanation of the reasoning using original text and at least 2 external sources (cited and explained)
  8. A conclusion
  9. A clear works cited page.