Reading Summary 6

For your reading and response this week I am having you look at  comic book about the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

You will read Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story and write your response might attempt to answer the questions: 

  • What do you think the comic book would have been like if you had read it as an African-America youth in 1956 (remember, this is around the same time white kids would have read “Judgment Day”)?
  • What do you think about the “Montgomery Method” recounted in the back of the comic book? Do you believe this would be worth sharing even today? Why?

Digital Copy Here: R&R 7-MLK-The Montgomery Boycott



BA in History from Northwestern State, MA in English from Northwestern State, and PhD in Rhetoric from Texas Woman's University. Big into comic books and visual rhetoric. Assistant Professor of English at Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC.

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