Essay 2 Example


Essay 2 Example


Coming Deadlines for June 24 – 29


Thursday (today) – Peer Review wraps up at Midnight

            Get your feedback and use it to revise your paper

Friday – Rough Draft of Essay 1 is due via Moodle by 11:59 PM

            Feedback from me will come to you via email between Saturday

            and Sunday

Saturday – Reading Summary 2 on Detective Comics #27 is due in the Reading Summaries section on Moodle

Sunday – Discussion Forum 2 for the week asking for Essay 2 thesis and definition paragraph needed

Monday – Final Draft of Essay 1 is due via Moodle by 11:59 PM

Peer Review for Essay 1


For this essay you want to look closely at the following:

  1. Is there strong thesis statement, one that clearly indicates that this is an analytical essay

  2. Is there a good summary? Can you clearly understand what the comic book in question was about?

  3. Is there a strong analysis? Is the analysis going deeper into understanding the comic book? Is it, and the summary, in balance (roughly 3 paragraphs each)?

  4. Does the summary and analysis sections have quotations from the text?

  5. Are any summaries properly cited?

  6. Is there, following the analysis, an evaluation or judgment of the comic book based on a spelled out criteria.

  7. Is there a separate works cited page and works cited entry for the comic book?

– Check also for grammar and other proofing errors as well.

– Provide any constructive feedback you may wish to impart.


You should take the feedback given to you, take some time to interact and discuss the comments with those who gave you the feedback, and figure out what feedback works best for you to help improve your paper.

Use the selected feedback to improve your paper and craft your second draft for submission as a rough draft to your instructor for feedback.

Panther Academy Peer Review Groups

Group 1: C. Alexander, S Capers, and D. Day

Group 2: C. Bellinger, D. Cook, J. Duff, and J. Evans

Group 3: M. Campbell, T. Davis, I. Ervin, and K. Carter