Final Grade Breakdown

Here is how your grades measure out:

5%  – Essay 1 Rough Draft          

5%  – Essay 1 Final Draft            

5%  – Essay 2 Rough Draft          

5%  – Essay 2 Final Draft      

5%  – Essay 3 Rough Draft          

5%  – Essay 3 Final Draft      

5%  – Essay 4 Rough Draft          

5%  – Essay 4 Final Draft  

40%  – Essay Grade Total. Rough Draft grade is made up of your Peer Review and Rough Draft submission.

21%  – Reading Summaries (3% for each summary)

10%  – Attendance and Participation

14%  – Mindedge Exercises

5%    – Midterm Examination

10%  – Final Examination

100% – TOTAL


Final Grades and Final Exam

I plan to have ALL Final Grades, minus the Final Exam and a breakdown of what each item is “weighted” up for you to look at by Thursday, Dec. 5.

Our Final Exam, for which you received the reading on Monday, Dec. 2 and a digital copy is available below, will take place on Thursday, Dec. 5 between 1:00 – 3:00 PM in our normal classroom.

Your job before hand is to read and annotate and take notes (you can bring 1-page of notes with your reading) and then bring it to the final exam.

  1. If you DO have a laptop or tablet, please bring it as you will be allowed to submit it digitally after typing it.

  2. If you DO NOT have a laptop or tablet or would like to write it by hand, please purchase (can be bought at the bookstore) and bring a Blue Book to the final.

Final Exam Reading: Right Place, Wrong Face