Essay 2 – Works Cited Page

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Works Cited Page Exmple


Essay 3 Works Cited Example


Integrating Definitions

After your introduction and thesis, you need to find and integrate a definition to work from concerning your superhero, supervillain, or anti-hero. Here is an example of a work up of the definitions of comics from Scott McCloud.


Submitting Essay 1 (with Moodle Unavailable)

My 10 AM ENGL 101.03 class, your Essay 1 Rough Drafts are DUE to me by Friday, June 21 before 11:59 PM.

With our Moodle shell not up and running, we will be emailing me these papers. Here is the how:

  1. Please make sure it is a MS Word, Pages, or Rich Text File (.rtf)

  2. Attach that file to an email addressed to my email:

  3. Send that email to me by midnight on June 21. If you need extra time, make sure it is sent before 6 AM on the 22nd.

I will comment on your papers, please make sure they are complete, and return them to you via email with feedback by no later than Tuesday, June 25th.