Friday Wrap-Up and Going Into Week 3

engl 101 weekly wrap-up 1

Link to They Say, I Say Ch. 1 – – HERE.

Questions to Answer in your Journal:

  1. What kind of story (superhero) are you wanting to tell?

  2. Hod do you want to start your story (see “Outlining Your Essay” post)

  3. What is your “hook” or attention grabbing device goin to be at the end of Blog Post 1 (then go about writing Blog Post 1 and go from there).

We also looked at Ch. 29 PowerPoint on Beginnings and Endings, focusing on ways to begin essays both academically and non-academically, you can check it out HERE.

In Search of a “Hook”


Let us take a look at some of my favorite examples of introductions to Graphic Novels with interesting ways of trying to “hook” the reader into continuing on.


Opening of Kingdom Come

The introduction here begins with visual interpretation lines from the Book of Revelation (quotations) and leads into a warning about turmoil to come as the “hook” at the end.



Opening of Flex Mentallo

This one has a kind of play on perception and reality that leads to a kind of absurd intersection that leaves one stretching their head a bit.


Opening of Whatever Happened

Simply 1-page, dialogue heavy preview of what is to come in the story with an air of mystery about the fate of Superman with image of a statue erected in his honor.


Opening of March, Book 1

One witnesses, in B&W, the violent encountering of peaceful protestors with cops during the marches in Alabama during the Civil Rights movement. The “hook” ends with someone beaten down and page going blank in darkness.


Opening of Fun Home

This opening uses the relationship of a father and daughter and compares/contrasts it through the act of playing “airplane” to connect to the myth of Icarus in order to set up the “hook” that aims to inverse the original myth’s tragic outcome and warning from affecting the child to having its impact on the parent instead.