Introduction to Response Essays

Our modern world is filled with superhero movies. Superheroes have become an important part of the world around us. However, are superheroes just entertainment or more? In his book, Supergods, Grant Morrison makes the argument that superheroes have a power we may not actually realize is there. Morrison, in the introduction to Supergods is ______________ because _______________________________.

You need to fill in the blanks:

  1. Deciding whether you agree, disagree, or both

  2. Reasons why you have the position of agreement, disagreement, or both.

No Class Today – Moodle Assignment

So, no class today. Yesterday, my wife and I welcome a new baby boy:


So, instead, you will go to Moodle this evening and turn in what you have of an Introduction and Thesis Statement for Essay 4

Please post what you have for an introduction and thesis statement to this link by 11:59 PM tonight (Wed., Nov. 7).

I’ll see you next class.

Dr. Evans

ENGL 101.39 – 5 Day English Students

I am going to be out tomorrow, so please continue to work on crafting your Thesis Statements for Essay 4.

As it pertains to your Introductions and Summary, please work on those as well.

Introductions for this kind of Essay should make the initial set up of talking about the Author and Title of the Article, as where it came from, in your case:

Grant Morrison. “Introduction” to his book Supergods.

It would be beneifitial to introduce the reader to Grant Morrison a bit as well and perhaps some background on the publishing of Supergods (like publisher and year).

Use the link HERE and HERE to help you out with that. This last one may even serve you as a source.

I will hopefully see you on Wednesday, barring issues, but if not, I will set up a Moodle link for you to submit what you have for my by Wednesday night. Look for a posting to that matter.

Dr. Evans