Wrapping Things Up


Friday, Nov. 30

ENGL 101.39– Writing Accuplacer Exam (Final Exam Part 2) in Bowman Computer Lab

ENGL 101.05- Reading and Comprehension Exam (Final Exam Part 1) in GTK 121

Friday, Dec. 7

ENGL 101.05- Writing Accuplacer Exam (Final Exam Part 2) in Bowman Computer Lab


Friday, Nov. 30 – Final Drafts of Essay 4 via Moodle

Sunday, Dec. 2 – Reading and Responses 7 & 8 via Moodle

ENGL 101.39 ONLY

MindEdge Exercises should be completed by Friday, Dec. 7 by 11:59 PM


ONLINE Peer Review for Essay 4

STEP 1: Locate the forum Entitled “Essay 4 Peer Review” on our Moodle Forum

STEP 2: Create a post in the forum. In this post, ATTACH a copy of your paper or provide a link to a Google Doc version.

STEP 3: Wait for others in the class to post their papers and read and respond to TWO papers from two of your classmates (just like in a normal peer review).

*special note, if you see that a paper already has two comments on it and another student has no comments, please consider commenting on the student paper with no feedback.

When examining each other’s papers, look for the following:

  1. A clear thesis with a clear position either agreeing, disagreeing, or both.

  2. Clear sub-headings

  3. 2-3 paragraph summary of the original text by Grant Morrison

  4. 1-2 properly introduced, integrated, cited, and explained quotations in the Summary

  5. Response section beginning with personal restatement of your thesis

  6. Lead in with personal reasoning for position

  7. Examination and explanation of the reasoning using original text and at least 2 external sources (cited and explained)

  8. A conclusion

  9. A clear works cited page.

STEP 4: Use your feedback to make improvements to your essay for Rough Draft submission on Sunday, Nov. 25 by 11:59 PM via Moodle.