Midterm Exam

Our midterm examination will take place in Moodle, so, here is what you need to know:


The exam will open at Midnight on Oct. 8 (morning of Monday, Oct. 9) and remain available for you to take until Midnight on Oc. 12.


  1. To access the exam you will enter Moodle, log in, and locate our course.
  2. In our course, scroll down to find the Midterm Exam
  3. Note that the exam is timed, once you begin it you will have 50 minutes to complete it.
  4. When you click on the exam you will be asked to provide a password. The password will be posted to the blog site (whynotcomicbooks.com) at midnight on Oct. 8 when the exam becomes available
  5. Enter the password: SHAZAM (case sensitive, make sure to write it in all caps)
  6. Once you enter the password you will have a small sample reading to read over.

Instructions for Taking Exam

  1. Read the following sample
  2. Once you have read over it you will write a TWO paragraph response.
  3. One paragraph should be you summarizing the small sample readings
  4. One paragraph should be you analyzing the reading for deeper meaning such as purpose, audience, or stance.
  5. You should QUOTE from the text ONE time.
  6. When you are done, if time allows, look over and revise your paper before submitting it.
  7. Submit your paper.


Please keep in mind that this is a serious exam and designed to see where you are in the process of both reading and writing. We will discuss the exams together one on one, you will be given feedback on it from me. Effort counts.