Summer II – MLA Final EXAM – 9 Aug. 2017


  1. No study guide allowed for use, but you can use the links below.

  2. Exam is 25 questions True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Fill in the Blank, and Short Answer.

  3. Exam is timed for 45 min.

  4. ALL exams will be manually graded by me for correct and partial credit answer. They will be graded this evening and viewable tomorrow.

  5. When you are done with you exam you may leave.

To access the exam go to canvas and locate the exam, when you click on it you will be asked for a password –

Password: Shazam

Good luck!

Links to Aid You in Your Exam

Essay 4 – Peer Review



For this essay you want to look closely at the following:

  1. Is there strong thesis statement, one that clearly indicates what side of the issue you are on and what reasons you are going to use to support that side of the issue with?

  2. Is there a good background information that helps you understand the issue that is about to be argued?

  3. Is there good evidence provided and cited in the paper?

  4. Do you feel the author has a trustworthy tone?

  5. Is there a clear counter-argument section and entertainment of potential objections?

– Check also for grammar and other proofing errors as well.

– Provide any constructive feedback you may wish to impart.