MLA 8th Edition Works Cited Formatting, Part 1

8th Ed WC of Book

In-text Citation EXAMPLE: (Wordsworth #)


8th Ed WC of Online Article

“Superman (Clark Kent).” DC Database. Accessed 27 Mar.


In-text Citation EXAMPLE: (“Superman”)* **

*I can make this abbreviation to the title here only if there are NO other citations or sources that start with “Superman” as their title. Any other sources that start with “Superman” would need to include more of the title to distinguish this one from those.

**Please note that I kept the quotation marks from the title in the in-text citation.


8th Ed WC of Online Magazine

In-text Citation EXAMPLE: (Dean #)*

If there are page numbers I will want to include them. If not, simply use the author’s last name.


8th Ed WC of Scholarly Journal

In-text Citation EXAMPLE: (Gowdy #)


8th Ed WC of Doc or Movie

In-text Citation EXAMPLE: (An Inconvenient Truth)*

* Note that I left the title of the documentary/movie in italics as it appears in the works cited entry

8th Ed WC of TV Show

In-text Citation EXAMPLE: (“The One Where Chandler”)* **

*I can abbreviate the title here

**Please note that like in the Works Cited entry I kept the quotation marks for the title.


Taking on Reporting Information

The key elements and features of a Reporting Information or Expository Essay call upon you, the writer (superhero), to “inform” your audience about the subject under discussion (lesser known superhero or supervillain).

The key elements for us call upon you to give us the following:

  1. Tightly Focused topic – that is, you have a specific superhero or supervillain in mind
  2. Definition – you want to define for us, formally, what a superhero or supervillain is
  3. Well-Reserach topic – in the process of the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of your reporting you will want to draw upon multiple (and reliable) sources to aid in telling us about the topic under debate.

The ultimate purpose of this assignment is for us to feel that we have been informed about who and what this superhero/supervillain is all about.

This purpose should be reflected in the thesis statement you give us as well as the paper that follows in support of that thesis.

To help us move this discussion along, I want to take our key features above and apply them to a few chapters of Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud I have had you look at. We’ll start by reviewing that material just a bit, particularly Ch. 4.

PowerPoint: mccloud-ch-4

PDF: mccloud_understanding_comics

In Canvas you should find a Discussion Forum Entitled: “Week 8 Discussion – Reporting Information”

In that discussion forum I want you to apply the key features of a Reporting Information Essay to McCloud’s Ch. 4 and write 1-2 paragraph explanation of how and where he makes use of the key features of a Reporting Information Genre in this particular chapter.