MLA formatting and Thesis Statements in Analysis Essays

New Material on MLA Page

First off, take note that in our menu bar to the right, under MLA Formatting there is new material covering some basic introductions to MLA formatting, including new 8th Edition changes, that we will be reviewing next class period.
Please, take a look. It is linked above in red.

Thesis Statements for Analytical Essays


Dealing with some Analysis

To help us move forward in our discussions of analysis in preparation for Essay 2, I am going to have us look at, in practice, the process or best way of approaching this kind of paper/genre.

STEP 1: Read (ideally printed off)

STEP 2:  Annotate

Things to look for when annotating:

  1. Relevant quotations

  2. Elements and key ideas of summary of the main points

  3. Elements of purpose, audience, and stance found within

  4. Criteria



STEP 3: Use annotations to help you in your writing

Let’s work with an example to help us get started:


Perform STEPS 1 -2 on this article

For us here in class, we want to take this article apart using the method we will use in constructing our paper. In groups (each will look at a different part) we will analyze and then discuss our finding.

Rebuttal to the NYT’s article we just read