Dealing with some Analysis

To help us move forward in our discussions of analysis in preparation for Essay 2, I am going to have us look at, in practice, the process or best way of approaching this kind of paper/genre.

STEP 1: Read (ideally printed off)

STEP 2:  Annotate

Things to look for when annotating:

  1. Relevant quotations

  2. Elements and key ideas of summary of the main points

  3. Elements of purpose, audience, and stance found within

  4. Criteria



STEP 3: Use annotations to help you in your writing

Let’s work with an example to help us get started:


Perform STEPS 1 -2 on this article

For us here in class, we want to take this article apart using the method we will use in constructing our paper. In groups (each will look at a different part) we will analyze and then discuss our finding.

Rebuttal to the NYT’s article we just read