Counter-Argument: Round 2

First –

Let’s start by discussing what we looked at yesterday. Both looking at the ‘Planting a Naysayer’ worksheet a bit more and discussing the “poor” example of dropping in a counter-argument.

Second –



PowerPoint: framing-and-counter-argument

Counter-Argument: Getting Started

To help us start, tomorrow, in our look at the Counter-Argument and Refutation section of our upcoming Essay 4, I would like you to take a look at the following:

1.Below you will find a document that contains information about counter-arguments and planting a naysayer in one’s essay. It has information followed by TWO exercises. I want you to complete those exercises and post YOUR ANSWERS to a Discussion forum before 11:59 PM tonight entitled: “Planting a Naysayer Exercises” in Blackboard.

DOCUMENT: plantinganaysayer11

2.Below is an example of a BAD insertion of a Counter-Argument. Please read and when we come to class tomorrow, be prepared to tell me what is wrong or falls short in the example below: